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Lukas Podolski :: little poldi’s growth

lukas wishing his bunny happy birthday, 2006/2014

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I was tagged by heromanu :) thank you ♥

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  1. What would you do if you were a boy/girl for one day? If I were a boy, I would probably stand in front of the mirror naked looking at my perfect fit body xD
  2. What was your biggest mistake? That I spend all my money for a driving licence and I hadn’t been driving since my exam (it’s been four years now)
  3. Tell me your biggest dream. I can’t because it won’t come true ;)
  4. If you could live a day in your past once again what day would it be and why. I can’t think of a particular day but probably it would be time of junior high school when I was in love with a boy and I didn’t tell him that ;p
  5. Tell me your favorite quote. It’s on my blog: "We received a 4-0 beating today. Accept it. Cry about it. Go home. Then move on." - Arjen Robben. I remember about it every time something goes wrong in my life
  6. Do you want to live somewhere else? If yes, where? I would like to live in Germany or Finland
  7. Tell me the best movie you’ve watched. Indiana Jones series. Old but gold :D
  8. Describe yourself with three words. caring, witty, organised
  9. If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do/change? I would definitely change the attitude of some countries towards the war between Israel and Palestine. They seem not to notice that Israel is a real danger
  10. Who’s your favorite singer? Hopsin
  11. Tell my your biggest fear. I’m afraid of not having enough money to make my living.

My questions

1. Do you want to have any tattoos? If you already have, would you like to have more?

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3. What’s your zodiac sign?

4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

5. What’s your favourite song?

6. What’s your dreamjob?

7. What personality trait attracts you the most to boys/girls?

8. What would be your ideal honeymoon place?

9. What did you/ do you study?

10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

11. What’s your favourite fandom?

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Erik Durm



what a time to be alive

Happy 30th birthday Bastian Schweinsteiger! (1/8/1984)

Thank you for your restless contribution, your unbeatable determination, your incredible humility, and your brilliant performances on the pitch. You truly are a gift to this world ♥♥